27th Annual Manhattan Juneteenth Celebration - Information will be posted soon.

Manhattan KS Juneteenth Festival

Meeting Information

  • Date: TBD
  • Time: TBD
  • Douglas Center Annex, Off 10th and Yuma in Manhattan, KS.
  • Come out and join our committee!

*Date & Time subject to change. Check monthly

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Juneteenth celebrates freedom and emphasizes the outstanding achievements and educational contributions of African Americans. 

This time we reflect on the past while celebrating the future.  Self-pride, self-improvement and self-worth is what we want to share with the world. 

Cities all over the country celebrate this mark in history with people of all nationalities, religions and creeds joining together to acknowledge a time in history that we are not too proud of, but it has shape the way we think and live today. 

When you understand someone’s history whether good, bad or indifferent, you can come to understand one’s struggle, accept their differences and embrace their contributions to society.