We are currently accepting volunteers for Manhattan Juneteenth 2021. If you are interested in volunteering please email us at manhattanksjuneteenth@gmail.com.


As you know, the Manhattan Juneteenth Planning Committee was one of the first community planning committees that made the early decision to cancel its annual event because of the pandemic.  While the decision to cancel the 2020 Manhattan Juneteenth Celebration was not easy, in retrospect we know with all certainty that it was the right one.  We are truly thankful the number of lives negatively affected by COVID-19 in our community has been relatively low, but we are also deeply saddened about the lives that were lost.

With that in mind, the Manhattan Juneteenth Planning Committee agreed this year’s Manhattan Juneteenth Celebration will be much simpler than in year’s past.  Juneteenth 2021 will not include vendors and/or community organizations.  We are sensitive to the fact that the pandemic is a concern to many so we didn’t think it was quite time to organize a full-scale event like we have in the past. Due to the uncertainty of COVID, we will not have the Saturday; day-long activities however there will be Juneteenth events on June 18 and 19.

We look forward to your supporting the Celebration this year with us.   We appreciate your support next year in being a vendor at Juneteenth 2022!


Manhattan Juneteenth 2021Planning Committee

Sonya Baker, Chair

Ryan Doehling

Cheryl Grice

Vern Henricks

Blane Hope

Alberto Jammott

Julian Jones

Richard Jones

Molli Maberry

Deb Nuss

Betti O

Connie Thomas

Dereck Thomas

Hilary Wahlen

Jurina Watts

Dave Baker, City Liaison

We are always looking for new talent! If you are interested in helping plan our community’s annual Juneteenth event please email manhattanksjuneteenth@gmail.com.